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Our guided process to help you build a distinct and appealing brand identity.

Our Process


We need to understand the current state of your brand before we can chart a proper path forward. This is where we get to know you and your brand. We take a close look at your competitive landscape and target audience to provide clarity around the issues and opportunities surrounding your brand.


We define your north star, what makes you different, why it matters, and who will care. This phase is about creating a strong foundation. It all culminates in a strategic brand compass that will lead you forward with clarity and purpose. Once approved, it will be used to guide the creation of your brand identity.


We create a memorable identity with a distinct look, feel and voice for your brand. This part of the process brings your strategy to life. Your identity is what distinguishes you from competitors and connects with customers by telling a story through verbal and visual cues. It’s the first impression and continued point of identification for your brand.


We implement the new identity in impactful ways across various touchpoints based on what will most effectively engage your audience. From social media and web presence to packaging to entering your store—each touchpoint is an opportunity to influence and craft the customer’s experience of your brand.

Our Work

Strata Hotel
Strata Hotel

Strata Hotel

An exceptional Kingston experience
Hard Way Cider
Hard Way Cider

Hard Way Cider

Bold cans for a premium cider
Wieser Electric
Wieser Electric brand identity design
Wieser Electric

Wieser Electric

Providing people with the power to live and drive
Hard Way Cider
Hard Way Cider brand identity design
Hard Way Cider

Hard Way Cider

Barrel-aged cider for the bold and adventurous

Brands We've Helped

backcountry design clients

“Your vision for what our brand needed made our identity more effective, look good, and stand out.”

– Zack Fiddis, Frontenac Outfitters

“You helped me put my finger on exactly what I needed. You helped me focus and refine my brand.”

– Dave Wilder, Lantern Wealth

"You gave us a lot of confidence and direction for growing our audience and becoming more visible."

– Matthew Bailey, Must Do Canada

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