Cider With An Edge

Several months after launching the new brand identity for Hard Way Cider, they decided to switch from 500mL bottles to 355mL sleek cans. This transition was to accommodate smaller serving sizes.

Sleek cans give Hard Way Cider a more contemporary and approachable feel. Consistent with the new brand identity, the new cans maintain the same design system and illustrations from the recently redesigned bottles (view project here).

To further enhance the design, we incorporated a varnish and transparent knockout to let the graphic take on the metallic finish of the can set against a black background with a matte finish. The result caused the graphics to pop, giving the cans a bold and premium look.

Project Scope

  • Packaging design
hard way cider ramboozle can
hard way cider cans
hard way cider wordmark
hard way cider photos
hard way cider brandmark
friends drinking hard way cider

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