Barrel-Aged Cider For
The Bold & Adventurous

After three years in business, it was time for Hard Way Cider Co. to take their product to larger markets. Before they could do that, they needed to strengthen their brand narrative and positioning to provide clear direction moving forward. They also wanted to build a new visual identity in order to establish a strong and cohesive system that would be highly recognizable and persist in the mind of customers.

One of their biggest challenges with their previous identity was their packaging. The labels were busy, difficult to read, and were not easily identifiable.

We redefined their brand narrative shifting the meaning behind “Hard Way” from “a difficult process” to “an uncompromising spirit” combined with the hard edge the cider gets from aging in liquor and wine barrels. Working closely with Hard Way, we focused on three primary characteristics that set their cider apart from other ciders. In order of most common to most unique, they are: dry, fresh-pressed, and barrel-aged.

We created a new visual identity system that was cohesive yet flexible for a wide variety of application. We also established a new and refined colour palette, strong and bold typography, retail collateral, product naming convention, and new systematic packaging with eye-catching illustrations.

Hard Way Cider Co. is a small-batch cidery that makes dry ciders with unique character and flavour profiles that come from aging their cider in liquor and wine barrels. Their vision is for people to choose their cider because it is adventurous and to keep coming back because of the unique flavour profile and tasting notes.

Project Scope

  • Brand strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
  • Illustration
  • Collateral design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging design
hard way cider crest
Hard Way Cider logo system
Hard Way Cider bottle lineup
Hard Way Cider bottle design before and after
Hard Way Cider Renegade label design
Whiskey Rebellion illustration
Ramboozle illustration
Catawampus illustration
Renegade illustration
Rogue illustration
Loco Blanco illustration
Limited Release Labels
Hard Way Cider merchandise design

Project Credits

Creative Direction: Jon Allison
Strategy: Kathleen Vollebregt & Jon Allison
Design: Jon Allison

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