Enhancing the Kingston
Experience For Every Guest

Tidan Hospitality Group engaged Backcountry and Avenue Strategy as creative partners to transform Kingston’s Thirftlodge Hotel into something unique and engaging. The task was to rename the hotel, reimagine the hotel experience and develop a new identity to engage and excite Kingston visitors.

Project Scope

  • Brand strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
  • Collateral design
  • Brand guidelines

Like the layers of rock so evident in the limestone throughout Kingston, the hotel provides a layered atmosphere and experiences made up of moments to enhance each guest’s stay by curating uniquely Kingston experiences.

This rebrand aimed to transform this rundown, limited-service, economy hotel into a unique, engaged, modern hotel offering a personal, affordable, and memorable Kingston experience. To accomplish this, the hotel needed to become multidimensional without complexity. Aiming to attract professionals during the week and families on weekends, Strata’s identity is positioned around providing a layered atmosphere made up of moments through curated experiences to enhance each guest’s stay. The brand draws on themes of community, connection and being conscientious.


We began with a brand personality that was contemporary, playful and friendly. This inspired the logo, colour palette, typography, and collateral compositions.

Strata colour palette

Inspired by the brand personality, we created a contemporary, warm, refined, and minimal wordmark. Then, we designed a symbol reflecting the hotel’s layered atmosphere and experiences and the rock layers evident in the limestone around Kingston. The stratification lines in the symbol are shaped and stacked to create the basic form of an ‘S,’ giving a subtle nod to the hotel’s name.


The tone of voice throughout the collateral plays a significant role in sharing Strata’s friendly atmosphere and layered experience, appearing in unexpected places and bringing life to objects and moments that might usually go unnoticed.


Drawing inspiration from the logo and the unique shapes found in rock strata, we have created a visually layered system of shapes and lines for creating unique compositions.

pets, door hanger

An exceptional Kingston experience begins with moments that we don’t expect. During a guest’s stay, they will encounter a layered atmosphere of moments that bring delight, make them feel welcome and enhance their stay.


Project Credits

Creative Direction: Jon Allison
Brand Strategy: Kathleen Vollebregt, Jon Allison
Design: Jon Allison
Photography: Strata Hotel

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