Creating A Farmer-First
Coffee Brand

The Challenge

To build a brand for a new coffee roasting and trading company that would clearly differentiate them in an already saturated market.


Hugo and Jordan were able to successfully launch Galloping Goose into the market with confidence. Within the first couple of months, they had steady online sales and were picked up by several small grocers.

Project Scope

  • Brand strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
Galloping Goose Coffee design awards
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The vision was to champion the farmer and reduce the impact on the environment without compromising the product.

Hugo and Jordan set out to start a new coffee roasting and trading company in an already saturated market. For them, coffee is more than a business; it’s a passion and an opportunity to affect real change in people’s lives for both the farmer and the consumer.

Hugo grew up picking coffee on his grandparent’s farm in Colombia, where he experienced the challenges of farming and the impact of coffee processing on the creeks and rivers of the region.

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With a strong vision and vast industry experience, they knew how to source and roast great coffee, but they knew they needed to get their brand right.

The coffee industry is over-saturated. Even micro roasteries are starting to become common. To be successful, they knew they needed to differentiate themselves clearly but were uncertain how to do so.


Hugo and Jordan approached Backcountry with their vision, seeking help to navigate important brand decisions, develop a strategy, and design the brand identity, including packaging for the product.


We guided them through our brand development process starting with a discovery session to better understand the challenges and opportunities they were facing. This was followed by market research and an analysis of the competitive landscape to find the gaps in the market that would offer an opportunity for positioning their brand.

discovery notes
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Target Audience

Their primary target audience is middle-aged coffee enthusiasts looking for better-tasting coffee that is ethically responsible.

Their secondary target audience is young budding coffee enthusiasts that are looking to use their buying power for social and environmental good.

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Brand Strategy

We helped them define their north star and developed a brand strategy to define what makes them different and why it matters. The resulting brand compass will lead them forward with clarity and purpose as the brand grows.


When they started searching for a name, it was difficult because of how many coffee-related words and themes are used, over-used, and notoriously forgettable. We guided them through a naming exercise ultimately deciding on Galloping Goose, which is unique and memorable. Beyond just a fun name with loads of personality, a goose is a symbol of loyalty and courage. Just as a goose is part of a gaggle, they see value in the collective, that together we can affect real change in the industry for both farmers and the planet.

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Visual Identity

Next, we designed a robust and dynamic identity system. The goose, illustrated in a refined and minimalistic style, is the heart and soul of the brand identity. The typeface is a flared serif that blends several calligraphic concepts to create a unique, dynamic, and emphatic look. Together with a classy but approachable colour palette, they provide the core elements for a dynamic system of marks including the crest, wordmark, monogram, and others.

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Product Packaging

Galloping Goose found a better way to package coffee that locks in flavour to preserve peak freshness and is fully recyclable, unlike coffee bags.

We designed a label system to include base labels to be consistent across every can and roast labels that detail the specifications of each roast. The base labels feature a mountainscape inspired by the landscape where coffee grows.

The roast labels highlight information important to the brand’s positioning such as the process and producer while including standard information like the roast profile and tasting notes. Each roast features a unique colour on the label and is accompanied by an illustration that identifies the category of coffee (single origin, roaster’s blend, or espresso).

For the shipping boxes, we worked with the box manufacturer to design a custom box featuring a custom die-cut to deliver the product in a way that protects the cans, tells the brand story, and delights the customer.

roast labels
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We positioned Galloping Goose as the coffee roaster that champions the farmer and the planet by roasting exceptional coffee sourced from small-holder farmers, processed with minimal water, and packaged in fully recyclable aluminum cans.

We designed a brand identity and packaging system to stand out, reinforce their positioning, and deliver an exceptional product with a memorable experience.


We helped roll out the new brand by providing Hugo and Jordan with a brand field guide and a thorough understanding of their identity assets. We also worked with the production teams for both the labels and boxes to ensure the end product was as expected and ready to go before launch. We also worked with their web developer to provide direction and oversight for implementing their new identity and telling their story.

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Hugo and Jordan were able to successfully launch Galloping Goose into the market with confidence. Within the first couple of months, they had steady online sales and were picked up by several small grocers.

"In order to start a successful coffee roasting and trading company in an already saturated market, we knew we had to get our brand and ‘voice’ right from the beginning. Backcountry helped us navigate important brand decisions with empathy and creative assertiveness. They took the time to understand us and their process helped us put all the pieces together methodically and creatively. We now have a clear direction, a brand guide, and all the assets to confidently launch our product into the market!"

– Hugo Ciro, Owner

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