Assisting Community
Development Through Sport

SportAid’s mission is to see communities thrive through sport. They assist community development with sport resources. They receive time, funding, resources and expertise from established sporting communities and, through connections with development organizations, catalyze or sustain community transformation.

To improve the SportAid identity to be unique, impactful and embody the mission of SportAid.

Project Scope

  • Visual identity
  • Collateral design
  • Brand guidelines

The inspiration behind the SportAid logo comes from the fusion of sport and aid as well as an emphasis on the importance of youth.

Sport: The figure is a person, accompanied by a ball that is purposely non-sport-specific. There can be no mistaking the sport component in the raised ball, full of kinetic energy.

Aid: Within the figure is a recognition of the aid component as well: the figure resembles an adaptation of the classic, four-pronged aid cross while the orange-red harkens to aid.

Children: The figure itself has a balanced, youthful feel. The curved top line that forms the arms is welcoming while the small torso and overall rounded features suggest youthful exuberance.


Project Credits

Project Lead: Eric Reynolds
Strategy: Eric Reynolds
Logo Design: Jon Allison
Motion Graphics: Sublight Studios

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